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Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Town Hall style presidential campaign rally at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH.

I was in a cherry picker and heard a voice say, ‘who are you working for?’ Turned out I was 40ft above the ground with David Hume Kennerly (President Ford’s Photographer for you non-shooters.) Then after the event was near the end, I dropped one of my lenses of the bleachers I was shooting from, narrowly missing a secret service agent. And who picked up and returned it to me? Paul Ryan. Nice guy, bad politics! Ha! IMHO of course.

I photographed Harvard Professor and Department of History Chair James T. Kloppenberg author of the book “Reading Obama” on campus in Cambridge, MA last fall for a story in the New York Times. Mr. Kloppenberg was a great person to photograph as he was very friendly and accommodating. I really enjoyed our discussing during the session.

When I am shooting a portrait I always try to engage the subject as an attempt to produce emotion or gesture from them. Emotion and gesture are in my mind probably more important in a good photo than composition, light or any technique. The first photo above was my favorite image. We were joking around as I was taking photos when Mr. Kloppenberg pulled out a tissue. The photo was made when he went to put the tissue back in his pocket. An unexpected moment that made the best image. I said to him that I thought that was going to be the photo that runs and it was even though we spent another 30min. shooting. I love the photo editors at the NY Times as they almost always pick my favorite images to go with the story. The images are all natural light aided by a large Calumet silver reflector mounted on a light stand and boom.

I had the pleasure of working with New York Times reporter Arthur Sulzberger on a story about how even Hyannisport, the home of the Kennedy compound, went for Scott Brown in the recent MA special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s senate seat. I was surprised to find out that this was far from the first time his hometown went for one of his challengers.

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