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One phrase I thought unlikely for me to ever say in my life was definitely “The SlutWalk went great!” And that is what I told my photo editor at the New York Times Magazine in May when after I had the pleasure of photographing SlutWalk 2011 at the Boston Commons for the publication. The SlutWalk was born out of an event that happened in Toronto when a cop told some scantily clad women that they were asking for trouble by the way they were dressed. This started an international call to defend “slut pride.” It was a very interesting event to photograph filled with emotion and no lack of visually interesting outfit choices.

I illustrated a very interesting story for the New York Times Science Section about the reinvention of silk. A team of researchers at Tufts University is working on new uses for silk from silk worms including metamaterial antennas that can monitor health and the freshness of produce and substrate for proteins that hopefully will be used to regrow bone and other medical applications.

I photographed a story for the New York Times Travel section about oystering in Wellfleet, MA last month. I love stories like this where I am given some names from the editors of who to shoot but for the most part the directive is go here and shoot what what you find. It was a fun two-day shoot learning about the small town on Cape Cod and what an oysterman does on a daily basis. It was pre-vacation season when I was there so it was incredibly peaceful. Photographing the work in Wellfleet harbor had to be based around low tide as that is when the grant owners (a grant is a oyster bed in aquaculture) have access to their oysters. I was amazed to hear that some of the grants have 100,000 of the crustaceans on them. I also tried a few of the oysters myself for the first time. As fresh as they get, straight off the sea floor and on the half shell. Mmmmm, oysters.