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Wall Street Journal Newspaper Clip- Bruce Rosenbaum, the Steampunk Man

steampunk_bv153steampunk_bv082steampunk_bv111steampunk_bv072steampunk_bv024Wall Street Journal Newspaper Photographer

In January, I was sent by the Wall Street Journal to shoot a story at a very interesting and unusual home in Sharon, MA. It is known locally as the Steampunk house and is co-owned by Melanie and Bruce Rosenbaum. The couple also are the founders of ModVic which, with the help of Creative Projects Director Mauricio Cordero (pictured in the third photo above), repurposes old often useable antiques into new usefully everyday items. Two of my favorite items that I saw during the shoot where an antique wood stove updated with a modern cooktop (photo 4) and Mr. Rosenbaum’s computer which has computer keys are from an antique typewriter and pipes from a pipe organ (photo 2). Thanks Bruce, Melanie and Mauricio for showing me around!

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  • MauricioFebruary 25, 2014 - 11:00 am

    Great working with you Bryce, you really conveyed the detail, complexity and beauty of Bruce and ModVic’s artistry. Thanks so much.

    Mauricio Cordero
    Creative Projects Director
    ModVic, LLC

  • Bruce RosenbaumFebruary 25, 2014 - 1:05 pm

    Bryce — thanks so much for doing the photography for the WSJ article! You are a true professional, creative talent and a real sweet guy to work with : ) You captured the essence of what we are trying to relate to our potential customers and the world. All the best, Bruce Rosenbaum, Professional Time Traveler, ModVic LLC

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