The In(-)Between » By Boston commercial photographer Bryce Vickmark.

New York Times Clip- Boston University Professor of Law Tamar Frankel on the Ponzi Scheme

boston university professor of law tamar frankelI photographed Boston University Professor of Law and author of “The Ponzi Scheme Puzzle: A History and Analysis of Con Artists and Victims” Tamar Frankel for DealB%k page in the New York Times. Dr. Frankel examines the psychology of the financial criminals to find out what makes them do what they do.tamar frankel photographed at buphoto of bu professor tamar frankeleditorial portrait of tamar frankel at boston universitytamar frankel professor of law at boston universityportrait of tamar frankel at buProf. Frankel gestures towards a photo with her and the other members of the Boston University School of Law’s faculty in 1968. Frankel was the School of Law’s first female professor.Prof. Frankel holds a bobble head doll her son gave her of Charles Ponzi the “Father of Fraud.”

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